Monday, September 29, 2008

Off We Go

Today I thought the insurance situation would be straightened out, but no! I called and nothing has been done and the FC is on vacation. I decided to move on and hope next week it will be worked out.

AF started today, I have been anxiously awaiting her since Friday. I start shots on Wednesday then have a blood draw on Friday. I will be taking 150mm of Gonal F Wed. and Thurs. Then depending on my blood work they will change it, not sure what the blood work does yet. I hope this week goes well. I think last week was even more difficult because I was PMSing. No one made me cry this weekend, which was good. It was actually nice and relaxing just chilln. =)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Insurance Sucks!

I went to pick up my medication (Gonal f) thinking that everything would run smoothly, boy was I wrong. I was told that my insurance was preapproved and was ready to go. I went in and found out it wasn't and had to pay full price. This hurt my bank account. They said once everything gets fixed I will get reimbursed but after spending a long time on the phone calling the pharmacy, insurance co, and the fincial coordinator nothing has been resolved and everyone is blaming the other person.
I left the place upset, it is a lot harder to go through treatment when you have to start paying all that money for it. It makes the dissapointment of the BFN even more devasting and the anixiety of it not working is a lot worse now that it cost so fun.
I got a call from DH right after to pick up dinner and I said no I don't want McDonalds. I have been trying to work out and eat a lot better because I will be gaining weight through this procedure and I have already gained 15lbs from all the meds. He was trying to convince me which made me start to cry, again. I think he thinks I have gone crazy. I was so upset I didn't even tell him about the insurance. He got dinner and of course I ate the chicken nuggets and fries just fine.
I was afraid I was going to start my period Friday night and have to start shots Sunday but not be able to call the nurse and find out how much I am supposed to take. I called her and she wanted to know details of my period and give me details. "If there is not a heavy flow by Friday night then your day 1 isn't until Saturday which means you will start shots on Monday. You need to call Monday so I know when you actually started to schedule your 6 day appointment" Okay I can do that. Here I am Saturday night and still no AF. This is good and bad. My insurance only covers until Oct. 14th and since I still haven't started that means IUI won't be until after that. I told the financial coordinator that and she said they would only extend it til them otherwise we have to start all over, well then start over! Oh no of course she can't right now she is going on vacation. GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!
So for now I sit here on Saturday night hoping that AF will start and I can get going before insurance runs out. I am a lot better emotionally today, I think it is because I didn't have to work.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Rough Week

This has been a rough week. I was excited at first to start my new treatment. After talking about it on Monday I got really nervous. I called the pharmacy to order my meds and hung up the phone almost in tears. Why? I still can't figure it all out. It could be the stress of trying to coordinate doctors appointments, keep a consistant time to do the shoots, or the fear it may not work and we are going to be out a lot of money. I am really sensitive so those close too me are hurting my feelings, not meaning too of course.
I am on my way to pick up the meds now. It is all starting to be so real. I think it has been easy the last few months since I havn't done anything really. Just sat back and relaxed with no pressure. Now I feel the pressure of hoping it will work and what to do if it doesn't. We will see!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My First Blog

Okay, here it goes. This is my first blog. I was inspired to do this by talking to other people about coping with infertility. I want to explain the situation, medications, procedures, outcomes and feelings of all this in one spot. I cannot tell you how draining it can be trying to explain everything to so many people. I want to share and I know they all care, a lot of time I offer up the info even. I feel that this will help relieve that stress a little. I will try to post often to keep everyone updated so keep checking it out. I also love to share the humor in all this, yes there is a lot.