Wednesday, March 25, 2009

All I want is a free meal

I finally wrote an email to my clinic because the OBGYN is in the same office as the IF. This is the worst idea ever. I get to stare at the pregnant ladies while waiting to go see my dr because I can't get pregnant. I know they are in the same place in you body but seriously, why would they think it is a good idea?

I thought my email was pretty good. I thanked them for their great service medically but let them know my emotional needs are not being met and if this continued I would find a place where they would be. I got a nice email back saying they were sending it to upper management and how sorry they were that I felt this way but it takes time and money to make changes.

I felt like I was at a restaurant complaining to the manager. I looked at it this way. If you go into a busy restaurant but the food is really good so you don't mind waiting. Then you sit down and are ignored while everyone else is getting drinks and food. You server comes to you and takes your order. You wait for a long time for you food, the food is great but you can't get over how bad the service was. You complain to the manager and he says how sorry he is and comps your meal.

This is a great way to end the meal. The meal was good and service was bad but at least it is free. I guess I was hoping my clinic would be the same way. I think if they said we are so sorry you feel this way what we are going to do is comp you last treatment since it failed anyway and are unhappy with the service. But no, it was just sorry we will not be fixing this problem anytime soon. UGH!