Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fertility Fairy

I got a delivery from the fertility fairy yesterday. She brought 4 boxes of gonal f, needles, ovadrial, alcohol wipes, and a sharps container that says "bio hazard". Although it is not the best present it is something to look forward too using on my journey to become a mother. I am getting ready for another IUI and hope all goes well. I know what to expect this time, except that my dose is higher. It also only cost $54! Wow. So now I have to fight my insurance to get that price from the last round that cost $750. So far it is not looking good.
I am leaving for my families house on Friday, I can't wait. It will make me feel normal again to be with the family doing fun things and enjoying Christmas. I am also going to Disneyland. I hope it is not full of kids reminding me that I don't have one, well I that is a dream that will not come true.