Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another attempt

So we have finally decided to go through with IVF using a new doctor. I am really hoping this works! We have been so blessed by loved ones with the money to do it and don't have to sacrifice as much as we expected financially. So now I am a total wreck! I think I have cried almost everyday that last couple of weeks and the actual physical process doesn't start until November. Another round of pregos is emerging and that has really set me off. I am proud of myself going into"protection" mode even more so than in the past. Today is CD1 of the process since my RE is putting me on BC pills early to help. Next month is my egg class and shot class then off we go. I am freaked out but I know it will be over sooner than later. So for now I will exercise as much as possible and drink coffee because I will soon have to put that aside for a baby I may or may not get.