Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Brenda Walsh?

I have a yucky feeling about myself right now. This may sound weird and funny.
When I was in high school "Beverly Hills 90210" was a big show. I watched it all the time and really liked Kelly. I was also a cheerleader, can we say catty? We had many arguments on what bow we were wearing on spirit days, who should be your secret football player for homecoming, why is she always in the front in dances and much much more. How does this relate to 90210 you ask. Well, being as passionate as I was about these cheer issues and okay probably a little more snobby than I would like to admit...someone told me that the JV squad called me Brenda Walsh. My reaction was "ugh, I'm not like her".
So now it is over 12 years since I heard that about myself. I feel I have come a long way and no longer even slightly resemble her...until...last night. The new season of "90210" was on and the old characters Brenda and Kelly are on it. I know I am a dork but I totally watch it. Last night Brenda finds out she can't have kids. Just like me!! She had fibroids removed which left her baron. (not like me) The best part was when she was in the waiting room with a 16 year old girl who just found out she was pregnant. She talked about how it made her feel and how jealous she was of the girl.

Wow, this is totally me. I just thought it was funny.

On another note our last cycle was cancelled and we are waiting until next week to do more tests. Grrrr