Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ice Ice Baby

We are in the middle of our first FET (frozen embryo transfer). I can't get the song by the famous Vanilla Ice out of my head "Ice Ice Baby" in our case it would be Babies since we have 2 on ice. It is such a weird thing to know we have two potential humans sitting in a freezer right now waiting to be unthawed.

I am in the middle of meds right now and found myself going a little nuts. Things that didn't used to bother me are and I want to cry all the time. I had been doing pretty well keeping the water works under control but boy am I moody! I don't want to hear about what anyone else is doing because dam it...I am doing a FET, I have bruises and estrogen patches on my stomach, bloating, weight gain, and soon I will be having DH give me shots in the hiney! I am in selfish mode right now and I hope it goes away soon because I feel horrible for being that way.

I am looking forward to this being over and will be devastated if once again it doesn't work. Until then I will keep up with the shots.